Bubble Foam Fun

With prices increasing, bills knocking on the door, and just needing to get my hands dirty with some messy play with W, I decided to throw myself into some sensory play! With a combination of fun science experiments and just some good old-fashioned craft mess, where better to turn to for inspiration than Pintrest?! Let me tell you, I fell into a colourful, messy, and exciting rabbit warren of fun ideas! Ah, Pinterest, where would we be without you, right?

So, while W and I throw ourselves into the wonderful world of messy play, I wanted to share our fun with you all. In my blog, you'll get to see the successful... and the not so successful outcomes! I would love for you to all to join me in some messy play with your little ones, and, hey, if you want to do some messy play without the kids, that's okay too! No judgment here! I can't wait to see your photos, and I apologise in advance for the state of your house!

Now, let the fun begin with an easy one first!

All you will need is:

1/2 Cup Water

1/4 Cup Bubble Bath (I used the cheapest one I could find)

And optional food colouring

Put all of your ingredients in a bowl and mix on medium speed with a blender (I used a handheld blender, which did the trick). I only added one drop of blue food colouring to avoid potential staining, which is why mine turned out so pale. But hey, at least it's colour!

Continue to mix until frothy.


I then poured the mixture into the sink in W's mud kitchen and let him lead the play from there! With his spoon at hand and the wooden water & sand wheel - from Explorer Nook - at the ready to fan his imagination W kept himself entertained for almost a full hour! As a kid who is obsessed with bubbles and water, this one was a win!

If you decide to give the Bubble Foam Fun a go, remember to tag me in your photos! I can't wait to see them.

S xx


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