Mini Egg Volcanoes

This one was so much fun! Not only was this little experiment visually engaging, but there was even some smoke as the ingredients reacted to one another. W had an absolute blast and this 30 year old big kid may have also found it really cool to watch.
So the original instructions did suggest getting a plastic egg carton and to cut out the bottoms, but that sounded like too much work and I just wanted up for it. Instead, I used a silicone bottom ice tray from the Reject Shop, it gave the exact same effects but in miniature form! 
You will need:
- Plastic egg carton (or, like me, go the ice tray)
- Vinegar
- Baking Soda
- Watercolours or Food Colouring 
- A sensory Bin (I used a plastic A3 box from Office Works)
- At least one cheap sauce bottles (you can get these from any of the bargain shops) (you can use more of one, depending on how many colours you want in your experiment!)
What you need to do:
Cut the bottoms off your carton/tray and turn it upside down into your sensory bin/plastic box. Fill each hole with baking soda. With your sauce bottles, fill them with vinegar and add a couple of drops of food colouring/watercolours (in this experiment, we used watercolours).
Now, squeeze the vinegar mixture bottles into the baking powder filled holes and stand back to watch your mini egg volcanoes erupt!  
The children love this one because it is such a fun science experiment that is filled with sounds, chemical reactions, bubbles and colour! And to top it all off, it continues to fizz and bubble for a couple of minutes. W was asking for more but I had unfortunately run out of baking soda (so make sure you get a big bag from your store!).
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S xx
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