About Wild Oath

Behind the Brand

My name is Sarah and I'm an Australian artist, based in NSW. I have been throwing myself into art from the age of six, way back in 1997. Originally, I challenged myself as a graphite medium and from there I experimented and my skills grew, and my interests widened and developed further as I shifted into the world of acrylic pour art. I have since found a deep love and connection to this style of art and my passion as an artist has never been more colourful.
Acrylic pouring allows me to explore emotions, and to feel a peace and calmness that I have never found when I put graphite to paper. I allow the colours to guide me and I love watching them come together into a pattern that can never be repeated again, to tell a unique and beautiful story within each of my decor and canvas pieces.
Now, I don't know if you have noticed this, but I also have a bit of a mug obsession when I began including mugs into my business profile in 2021. My love of mugs started from a very young age and has remained with me to this day, and I want to share this love for an impressionable quote or a beautiful picture to start the morning. My hope is that it brings inspiration, happiness and comfort into your day when you sit down for your morning drink, cradling your favourite mug.
And that is how Wild Oath Collective was born.
Sarah xx

Meaning of the name: Wild Oath Collective

(Trigger Warning: mentions of miscarriage)

Wild /wʌɪld/
A free spirit, something that belongs to nature and cannot be tamed. This was inspired by my son, who is wild at heart and born to be running free on a farm. His name, funnily enough, means Meadow. 
Oath /əʊθ/
A solemn promise, often invoking a divine witness, regarding one's future action or behaviour. In my case, my oath is to my two sons born for the heavens; Oliver (2017) and Arthur 'Lil Bear' (2022). I promise to forever talk about my boys, and through doing so, address and change the stigma around pregnancy loss.
Collective /kuhləktiv/
A wide variety of artwork, designs, mediums and collaborative work, forming a collection of art. This last word represents growth, community, support and love for my work, and of the connections I make through my art to both you, other artists, my family and myself.
And finally, the hidden number three. There are three strong and powerful names in my business because this number is very important to me and that is because my first son, Oliver, was born on the 3rd of May, at 3.05 pm in room 3. Since then, the number 333 has become a feature in my life, always cropping up when I need strength or just that gentle reminder to keep moving forward.