Breakage Policy

Mug Breakage Policy

Whilst we do our absolute best to ensure all mugs arrive safely and in one piece, the way they are handled on their journey out to you is beyond our control.

Should your mug arrive damaged, you are entitled to a refund once photographic proof is provided to us.

If you would prefer a replacement mug to be sent to you, you must complete the following;

> Take the damaged mug, along with all the packaging (including postage bag) to your closest Australia Post Office to be assessed for compensation

> Provide proof to us that the item has been taken to the Post Office for compensation.

> Once proof is provided, we will post out a replacement mug.

For more details on how Australia Post handles compensation claims, please follow this link

We really do apologise for these steps in order to receive a replacement mug. Despite our best efforts, Australia Post continued to break a lot of mugs & we cannot afford the out of pocket expenses this was costing our small business. These steps are just in place so we are able to now claim compensation for our loss should they break a mug in transit.

Thank you for your understanding!