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Sometimes the smallest things, takes up the most room in your heart - Pooh

Little Bear sitting among your shelf will sure bring a smile to anyone. He sits there looking cute and bringing that warmth to any shelf. Arty is named after my little Arthur born for the heavens, what better way to honor his cute cuddly soul then to create this gorgeous Little Bear for all your kids rooms.

Check out ALL the colour combinations here!

Our Little Arty is approximately 15cm tall, designed and painted by myself and cut from MDF by FSC. Arty also has a special addition of cardstock cutouts on his feet, ears and nose.

Please note that as a hand cut wood and hand painted product, there will be variations in colour, making and texture. Colour could be slightly different as all computer screens are different.

*This product may take 14 days turn around due to Auspost delays that are unfortunately out of our control and with drying times varying on weather.