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Wild Oath Colouring Book

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Our Colouring book comes with crayons.

    • 14 Colouring pages designed by Sarah Keast^
    • From Mermaids, Monster Castles to Hugging unicorns, a colouring page for all children.
    • 2 Blank Pages For stickers or your ideas
    • a pack of 6 crayons**

According to Children Positive: Tips for Parenting Happy Children, colouring in is great for learning to concentrate and focus. In order to colour, children have to sit or lay down, and keep their bodies still, to have control. The more detailed the picture, the more the child has to concentrate.  

Since coloring is fun (especially when you’re coloring with someone, like mum or a sibling!), this is a great activity to use as an introduction to school readiness. 

And as I find it, colouring in is also a great rainy day activity, to help those little minds stay active and engaged. 

^Our colouring book is on 140gsm Laser, Fold, Collate, Saddle stitch 2 wires
**Our crayons are Faber-Castell kindergarten, non-toxic wax crayons.

*This product may take 14 days turn around due to Auspost delays that are unfortunately out of our control.