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Truck Portraits

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Don't like trucks? Stop buying sh*t. Problem Solved!

These one of a kind drawings are sealed for protection -frame is not included. Just upload a photo of the truck you'd like to be drawn, keeping in mind for it not to be too blurry or small.

This is for the general public: Did you know that your typical B-Double Truck can be up to 26 meters long? And can weigh up to 62.5 tonnes that's approximately the weight of 30 standard cars. So maybe lets not be slamming on the breaks at lights when a truck is behind you, or zooming in front of them... Takes a bit to stop. Put it this way - in a 60km/h area it takes approximately 100m to stop safely!

Please note these take a bit of time to draw* and I do have my husband (a truck driver) over my shoulder making sure it's done right...

Our Truck Portraits are drawn on A3 size 300gsm thick paper actual drawing is drawn in the center allowing space to trim the paper for a nice frame.

Please note that as a hand drawn product, there will be variations in lines, shading and texture. Grey Scale Colour Only.

*This product may take 14 days turn around *ONCE APPROVED due to Auspost delays that are unfortunately out of our control. Drawing time varies with toddler's mood swings.